Cannot write to MinioFreeNAS

Hi @LTS_Tom

Thank you very much for the great video you did on Minio S3.
I tried to send my WordPress backup to my FreeNAS and when I test the connection, I get the following error:
S3 settings test result: Failure: We successfully accessed the bucket, but the attempt to create a file in it failed. Please check your access credentials. (UpdraftPlus_S3::putObject(): [3] )

Can you please tell me if I need to edit any permission in the dataset for it to work?

As I pointed out i the video, use the permissions assigned by the S3 configuration in FreeNAS.

I didn’t change any permission. I created a new dataset like you did and enabled S3 and set my ssl cert

Try using your browser and see if you can upload a file to a bucket in MinIO

Uploading files to the bucket via the web browser work like a charme.
Do I take it the issue is the the backup (updraftplus) plugin and not Minio it self?

Also, what would you recommend to mount Minio S3 to centos7?
I researched it and 2 application keep coming up.

  1. s3fs* -fuse
  2. minfs

Yes, sounds like the issue is updraft plus and I have never used those tools.

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