Cannot get XCP-NG 8.0.0 to boot from fc san (grub recovery)

Ok so i have freenas 11.2u6 and 13 beta machines both attached to my hypervisors (4x r710’s) via 8gb fiber san hba’s, (4x output ports on each freenas, and dual input ports on hypervisors, 1 for each freenas box) all the links work and i can see the disks in hba boot config, and install to them, but upon restart after install i get a grub rescue shell with the error:

file ‘/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found
entering rescue mode…

What went wrong/what else can i try? (Esxi works but im trying to abandon all the rediculous liscencing fees that come along with it and i have hosts that are well beyond the hardware limitations of the free liscence, specificallly a pair of 40 core r910’s) anyone with any thoughts on how to fix this please help!!