Cannot get Unifi AP as Wireless Mesh

I am in the process a wireless network on a nursery using Unifi UAP-AC-M AP’s

The setup is:

  • Netgear Router, act as DHCP and DNS Server D7000v2

  • Rapberry Pi4 connected to Netgear Router running Unifi 6.2.26

  • UAP-AC-M connected Netgear Router - firmware: 4.3.28

I bought a 2nd UAP-AC-M and want to install this as a wireless mesh AP, The idea is that I connect a Unifi Switch US-8 to bring the network into a 2nd building.

While I am trying to setup the 2nd AP as a Meshed AP, I am not able to have this working.

I can adopt and configure the 2nd AP when connected via wire. but once I bring it outside it stays in isolated mode or disconnect mode. The 2nd wireless mesh AP is connected via the POE power brick and I can see the status led in blue. It doesn’t matter if I configure this AP with an static IP address or use DHCP the status isolated.

I also tried to adopt the 2nd AP wireless, but this does not proceed and I is stuck in the status: ADOPTING| WIRELESS

Any ideas how I can get this work?

Make sure up linking in enabled.
UniFi Network - Troubleshooting Wireless Uplinks – Ubiquiti Support and Help Center.


Yes this is enabled, I checked that.

Did you also check to see that allow meshing is enabled under each of the radios’ RF settings?

Yes, meshing is set to automatic on the other wired AP and I also set this to manual without success

Try to select the AP manually or try this:

Grab the one that is not connecting wirelessly and plug it hardwire than plug in the one was working without the wire to see if works

What about minimum RSSI settings? Be sure they’re set to be off, also, be sure to set the 5 GHz channel and power to Auto on at least the second unit, if not on both. Also, try putting the units within 10 or 20 feet of teach other to see if they issue is one of distance / interference. You can also try limiting the 5 GHz channel width to 20 MHz or 40 MHz to avoid possible interference issues.

Yeah will test that next

I also reached out to Ubiquiti support and let them know all I did and tested
They have provided me with a new firmware release for the UAP -
Still need to test if this release will fix the issue.

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