Cannot create snapshots on XCP-ng server

I can’t seem to create snapshots for a Windows 10 VM.
Xen Orchestra shows the following message “invalid status closed, expected open”. Not sure what that means, but no snapshot created.

On the XCP-ng server, I used the xe vm-snapshot command ( xe vm-snapshot name-label=Win10-Image-Bios new-name-label=“Before sysprep” ).

That completed with no errors, but when I used the command " xe snapshot-list name-label=Win10-Image-Bios " and that lists nothing.

Please help.

I have never had that error message, I would try their forums

I ended up needing to wipe and reload XCP-ng anyway. Would no longer boot. I suspect it has something to do with the older Dell R710 booting Uefi. The easiest way to describe the Uefi boot option is that it must have been an after thought and didn’t seem to work well. If I run into issues, I’ll hit up the XCP-ng forums. Thank you.