Cannot connect our PBX server to a softphone

Good day.

If anyone can help me, I am having problem in connecting a Zoiper Softphone to our PBX appliance.

So our existing connection is we have a PFSense. We made a VLAN for our PBX network which is and our Office Network which is Both network has a DHCP server running.

Here comes the problem. Whenever I connect or input an account to Zoiper using a computer that is connected to our Office Network, it cannot detect our PBX appliance server which is I know that they are in a different network but we made firewall rules in PFSense that allow both network to see each other.

I can ping the PBX appliance server in the command prompt but in Zoiper, it does not detect the server. I also tried this on other softphone applications but no luck. I also experience the same problem.

I do hope you can help me with this. If you have questions regarding this, I would gladly give you more info.

Thank you.

Ping working means that ICMP packets are working but you have to test the ports are open in pfsense and that there are not any rules in the PBX that stop the traffic based on what network it’s coming from.

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