Cannot adopt devices on unifi controller


Ive purchased a unifi 16port poe switch. 8 unifi uap-lr access points and a cloud key for a client install.

Ive set the cloud key with a static ip and can log in. Ive updated its frimware and the unfi controller software to latest versions. 5.10.25 for controller and firmware ending .1553 for cloud key.

My problem is i can see my devices listed but cannot locate the option to Adopt them . All I see is Pending Adoption(Update required). I’ve downloaded all the firmware files but cant find where to apply them to the devices in the controller software.

Any advice on what im doing wrong would be great.


Controller won’t adopt if firmware is outdated in some cases. These links have helped me in the past.

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I have been having this issue as well, devices from my local microcenter or amazon seem to be coming with 3.X.X software. Below is the easiest command to upgrade each device.

1: ssh into device but do not set inform yet (ubnt / ubnt)
2: go to firmware downloads for your device and copy the url
3: in ssh terminal type … upgrade “paste link here”
4: enter
5: wait 5 min and reconnect
6: confirm firmware is updated by typing info
7: now you can set-inform

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Managed to get it sorted.

On my windows laptop i followed the instructions above and transferred the firmware file to each device via WinSCP. I then used putty to ssh to each uap. 4 of them worked fine. but 4 would start the upgrade then just stay on white light on uap.

As a work around i downloaded the unifi app on my phone. then connect directly to each device via the qr code. Upgraded the firmware via app. Disconnected then went and adopted them via controller.

Bit long winded process but got there in the end.

Thanks for all advice and quick respones.

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glad you’re up and running…