Canary Tokens activated via my whatsapp account

Hello Lawrence, You recently did an overview of canary tokens, around 3 to 4 days back. So i created a link via canary tokens then shared it with my friend via Whatsapp just to confirm that it worked…I also shared it to my WhatsApp status but immediately deleted it about 2 secs after sharing it on the status…So come today, 3 days after doing that, I get a notification that the token was activated 500kms away from another city in my country…How can I secure my Whatsapp Account because there might be a possibility that it is monitored by someone else …

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, there is now way to make it secure. If you want something secure use Signal Messenger.


Thanks for the feedback Tom. The only hurdle is that most of my clients if not all use whatsapp… Meaning even if i use signal i wouldn’t be able to communicate with them unless they all change to signal