Can untangle be virtualized within xcp-ng?


I currently have a pfsense installation virtualized within xcp-ng. I’m not sure how this would scale in terms of performance for a large company, but for home use its actually great.

What I would like to try is a similar setup virtualizing untangle with xcp-ng. Looking as the untangle website they distribute ova and iso images, but only list esxi as their virtualization platform. I’ve done a pretty extensive google search trying to answer if untangle can be virtualized within Citrix, however many of the posts are rather old 2011-2013 and I’m not sure if the information is applicable.

My end goal is to try to test the performance of the wireguard vs openvpn. Possibly I’m a little bit early however I believe wireguard will be included within the Linux 5.6 kernel within the next release cycle. Perhaps it may take some time however for this kernel to be included within the Untangle release, so I may be jumping the gun on this topic at present time, however it predicates on virtualization of Untangle on xcp-ng.

Thanks for any insights or experiences