Can The Alta AP6 PRO Access Points Compete With Ubiquiti UniFi? [YouTube Release]

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Crosstalk Solutions Video Stress Testing the Alta AP6 PRO Access Point - YouTube

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00:00 :arrow_forward: Alta Labs WiFi
00:35 :arrow_forward: Local Hosted Roadmap
02:08 :arrow_forward: Who is Alta Labs
03:26 :arrow_forward: Dashboard Management
06:39 :arrow_forward: One SSID Multiple Networks
08:00 :arrow_forward: Final Thoughts

Thank you for the video. After reviewing the product’s web page, I decided to purchase an unit for my home which arrived today.

As I did not want to necessary invest in the Unfi equipment, I wanted to try out the Alta Labs AP6-Pro. Is anyone else (besides Tom) using this piece of equipment?

I have watch CrossTalk’s YouTube video (as well as this one). I will be happy to share more once I have used the device for some time. I intend to change the settings to allow the SSID to work when the Internet connection is lost (as I have other home and homelab networks.

— follow up —

I found on the Alta forum that the unit has the MAC Address as part of the serial number for each Access Point. The first 6 digits would be BC:B9:23.

Here is some detail I scrapped from the mac address lookup site. The Alta vendor details is:

Alta Networks
192 N. Old Highway 91
Hurricane UT 84737
BC:B9:23:00:00:00 - BC:B9:23:FF:FF:FF