Can’t get camera to view locally but can off network


I have a Amcrest ptz camera and It’s setup using no-ip free and works. I have dynamic dns configured with no-ip on my pfsense box and works great outside my network. I’m having a issue viewing it internally, when I open the app when I’m on my network it keeps timing out



Maybe try using the ip address.

Also use NoIP, don’t have any issues viewing my cams.

I have cable service and have a dynamic IP that’s why I use no ip that won’t work. If I use the internal IP it will work but then I can’t see it off my network.

Make sure you have NAT reflection turned on in pfsense.

If you’re not accessing your cams over a VPN you probably ought to.

I got it working I didn’t have nat reflection enabled and yes will be using a vpn

Yes I thought it was enabled but it wasn’t all good now

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