Can pfSense do this?

Currently the retirement village where I live has a network that provides the following: each house is assigned its own VLAN for any wired devices. Each house has a WiFi access point supplied by the village with a residents’ network and an admin network SSID which provides roaming coverage across the whole village. When a resident connects to any access point they are assigned to their own VLAN so can access all their devices. The login is not via a portal, it is via a typical access point user/password prompt. This is provided using a Rukus system. The only problem is that it is licensed by the number of IP addresses it can assign. As more and more smart devices are being used by residents management need to buy more and more licenses. As management falls behind the required number of IP licenses residents get poorer and poorer connectivity being unable to connect their devices or even becoming disconnected (presumably as their IP lease expires and some other devices beats them to an IP assignment).

So, could the Rukus system be replaced by a pfSense based alternative with the same functionality? Preferably without having to resort to a portal type login.

What if you assign the IP for a short time, like 3 hours? The IP will be released as soon as iPhone changes its MAC address and ask for a new ip.

The real issue is that not enough IP addresses are being licensed so I was looking to see if pfSense would be a license free solution that could replace the current licensed based one. If so I was going to recommend it to management.

Also I’m just a user of the system with no admin access to set IP lease times.