Can I solve my problem with XO Proxy

I have a unique setup for my homelab with 2 remote locations in addition to my main location. Currently I run xcpng at my main location and proxmox on the two remote locations. I was thinking to use xcpng everywhere and use xo proxy to manage the two remote locations. The question I have is can I have one instance of xo for local use or if the link between my main lab and remote were to go down and I happen to be at the remote location can I have a local xo and also xo proxy to manage the same xen servers. And secondly is it viable to have such a setup and backup the remote nodes to my main location when I am in Canada, one remote node is in France and one remote node is in Australia. (Uplink speeds are hit and miss as the remote locations are not collocations but my parents’ and sister’s home)

One instance of XO can managed the local and the remote proxy systems.

As for doing the backups, the proxy can push to local remotes but getting that much data back across the VPN is not likely to be reliable.