Camera solution for multiple locations


I am trying to find a camera set up that will work with multiple locations. I am looking into the Synology surveillance station and utilizing CMS however I would like to be able to see all the cameras through one portal. Also being able to see them through a phone would be a plus. Is it just better to find a commercial solution and pay a monthly subscription? This is my first time posting a question so please let me know if I need to post this in a different thread.

I am not sure how well that works if at all with Synology.

On a QNAP NAS, that can work in principle, as long as from the NAS it can see the other sites, say over a VPN, on their app you can see the cameras connected to your NAS via your phone. However, each NAS has a limit on the “free” licenses depending on the model, the cost of these can quickly add up for additional cameras.

I’ve had cameras running for nearly 10 years, that has easily paid for my NAS / Hdds vs any subscription model.

On the Trendnet Cameras I have, they have Windows based software which allows multiple sites to be managed though I haven’t used it in ages. Can’t say it’s anything special.

Awesome, each site does have a VPN connection to the other. If not Synology do you know of another option?

This can be done with Blueiris, I have a few cameras at a few different locations. Do you plan on tunneling the traffic over vpn or just through ports ? Blue Iris runs in a vm perfectly these days too. ( minor tweaks needed to get things perfectly running )

Through VPNs. I have been in contact with some MSP’s and one said they did Hikvision and the other did Hanwha. When I look them up articles about them being banned show up. I understand that if the cameras are on segregated networks they are safer but one of the requirements is that the footage can be accessed remotely.

If you set up your vlans correctly you prevent traffic leaking out of your camera vlan but your other vlans can access your camera vlan. Connect to your OpenVPN remotely and will be able to view your camera footage.