Cambium Access Points

I’m looking for opinions on Cambium access points with Cisco 1000 switching and an Untangle z6 firewall. Does anyone have this particular setup or have any opinions on it? Unifi seems to be often unstable at times with there “stable” releases being unreliable. I have heard good things about Cambium access points but I have no experience with them, I have only read some online reviews and posts regarding there cloud management interface. I have yet to purchase the Cambium or Cisco 1000 switches but look to in the coming weeks pending my research, however, I already have the z6 Untangle appliance and am extremely happy with that purchase.

Thanks for your input!

I have not used the Cambium products bu Chris from Crosstalk has. He said they worked well, but that was a while ago, I don’t have any new information on them.