Buying General Liability insurance

Hello LTS,

I’m Thako Davidson of Connect Cloud Solutions. We are an MSP. I was calling around for quotes for general liability insurance. I was wondering how should we classify our business? As an MSP the closest we have seen is “IT consulting” and many other IT-related categories that don’t fit our business. I never see anything like IT services provider. Does anyone have advice on how we should approach this matter?

I would say IT consulting makes the most sense as they are insuring you more based on risk than exact title of what you do.


I’m finally getting ready to start up my sign company side hustle and have been shopping for the general liability insurance. I won’t be doing much in-house in the beginning (just artwork, sales, project management, permit acquisition, and some small amount of vinyl graphics install/fabrication work.) I feel like the quote I got is a bit high given that I’ll be subbing everything out for the first year or two and won’t even have a facility or employees (and expect all of my subs will have full coverage of their own.)

They quoted me about $1260 per year for a general liability policy. It’s really hard to find information online about the cost of insurance for sign companies. How much are other folks paying for their general liability policy?