Buy & Sell New/Used Marketplace


I would love to see a section for a Marketplace when it comes to things like pc & server hardware. Im sure we all have something that’s been sitting around, That could be better to use by someone else and Vise-Versa.


While I like the idea in concept, I will hold off on that for now as there are better places for that such as , eBay & Amazon just to name a few. If I start having that posted here, then I will have to moderate the issue that might come up from deals gone bad.


Just adding on to what Tom said and shamelessly plugging r/homelabsales as there is always someone there wanting kit!


How about a topic for good hardware or software deals at other places?


I don’t really mind a link being posted when people ask, but I don’t really see this forum being that place where people go to find deal as there are already so many places that already create these lists.


Thanks for the reply(s) I understand what your saying, maybe will revisit the topic when the forum has more members and we see how things play out.