Building pfSense HA with to switches, need feedback

Dear Forum users.

I’m trying to build a pfSense HA setup in GNS3.

Currently I have made it “work” but I would like feedback on what I have come up with.
The picture below is the current setup and all that I care about is HA from the pfSense firewall and down in to the LAN.
The links from Switch1 is to emulate a IPS with 2 links.

The pfSense boxes are setup with a VIP on the WAN and LAN side.
The LAN side has to interfaces setup in a LAGG group with the RoundRobbin method.

All of this works and I can bring down one pfSense with out the client knowing it happend
(I have tried to swap the cabel between L2Switch01 and 02)

My big question is.
Is this “the way?” of doing HA with 2 switches?

Let’s talk!
BR Simon

Looks like a setup that would work but the clients/servers should also have a connection to each switch.