Build-out advise for fiber and IP cameras

I’m looking for some advise, guidance, etc on a project I have coming up. The fiber portion is totally new to me.

I am going to be adding network connectivity and Sec. cameras to a storage unit (there are 3 buildings). There’s a telephone pole near the road and that pole is going to serve the host for 2 cameras, flex switch.

Here’s the layout:

  1. Telephone Pole
  1. Storage Unit 1
  • The COAX is going to be grounded/bonded to the buildings ground rod and run inside to the cable modem
  • A 6U rack will house a UDM Pro SE, 1U rack fan
  • From the incoming fiber, another UFiber AE and bidi module to convert to copper to go to the switch
  • 1 Camera on the outside of this unit
  • From the UDM Pro SE, another fiber run (with another Ufiber AE and bidi module) run in conduit underground to Storage Unit 2.
  1. Storage Unit 2
  • From the incoming fiber will be yet another UFiber AE and bidi module to a USW-Flex switch powered by PoE++. This switch will power 2-3 cameras.

Is this sufficient? Should I use an Ethernet Surge Protector on the pole anywhere? The outdoor weather proof outlet is grounded. I’m looking to best protect the equipment as possible.

Hoping to get some insight… :smiley: