BSOD Windows Updates

Hi Tom and Lawrence Systems

Firstly Regular Viewer and Subscriber to your YouTube channel , really good stuff ,

Facing in to a world of Pain with this latest Microsoft Security Update,

I’m dammed if I update as I’ve 70 Sites using Kyocera Printers which cause’s a BSOD after applying KB5000802. Circa 200 PC /Laptops affected and I could be Dammed if i don’t apply the security Update and pospone?
Microsoft are bound to blame the Printer manufactures as they will claim the driver is the cause and the Printer manufactures are going to blame the Update,

Anyone else facing March Headaches with BSOD after this KB5000802 or 808 update , and what would you do ?


Dealing with broken Windows updates is just part of the job we do.


Fixing things that should not be broken in the first place, lot of wasted time unless you are billing by the man hour.

It probably is the printer driver that’s at fault. It’s probably hooking something undocumented or depreciated or messing with memory that it shouldn’t have access too.

Not sure how you push updates but are you able to identify the devices that do have that driver installed and exclude them from the push? It looks like KB5000802 has been pulled already so maybe it’s not so much of an issue for the time being.

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