Boot/install Linux from WDS

This might be a well known topic, but not to me. Apparently you can boot Linux distros from a WDS (Window Deployment Services). Why? Because it can be handy to have a rescue disk on your WDS to fix some client issues. Why not just a regular PXE boot server? Because if you are primarily dealing with rolling out Windows desktop, WDS would be easier. No idea if this works on SCCM, I don’t have access to our SCCM.

Going to drop 2 links I found as a placeholder for when I get the time to try this out in my lab:

I’ll report back if/when I get this working.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use cloudinit to deploy your linux VM’s? It should be able to provision everything you need.

Not actually deploying things so much as an easy way for me to get a rescue disk loaded, at least for my use case.