Blocking Website with Pfsense

Hello im new with pfsense and im exploring it.
i would like to ask how can i block website with pfsense. i read some article that i can using the squid, is that possible that i can block specific ip address on my LAN that cannot access the Blacklisted website.

im using it in hotel setup, i want to block only Admin Offices and Front Desk IP address, and the rest (Guest) that are connecting are can access any websites.


I don’t recommend squid You can block all web access via firewall rules such as blocking port 80 & 443 or you could deny those computers access to the internet entirely by blocking all outbound access.

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I follow this but my problem is when i use StevenBlack list, i cannot access google all internet traffic are blocked, i want to block only pornsites and social sites on our Frontdesk PC and admin offices PC. thanks