Blocking Geographical Access To Plex Server Via PfSense

Hey guys,

I have a Plex server that runs on my TrueNas Scale server, using the standard port 32400. My aim is to lock down access to the server via something like GEOIP so that only users in the UK have access to it.

The aim is ultimately to reduce potential abuse on port 32400.

I have seen mentions of people doing this but ultimately I cannot find a useful resource/ guide to achieve this. Whether it be via PfSense or otherwise, I just assume PfSense would be the first port of call as it is the first line of defence on the network.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

The pfblocker add on for pfsense can do that:

Try this: Packages — pfBlocker-NG Package | pfSense Documentation

I need to get a list of your videos to link!

I just use the built in YouTube channel search

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Makes sense. I’ll check it out next time.

Thanks, will take a look. I already use pfBlocker but was unsure how to go about setting it up for something like this. Will report back here with results/asking for help lol.

You’ll need a maxmind account for the geo lists.