BitWarden Self Hosted Performance on XCP-NG

Hi Everyone,

New time poster, long time fan of the channel. I have recently installed BitWarden Self Hosted per your video on a fresh install of XCP-NG and I’m seeing constant very high CPU utilization (75-100%) for the VM. I am using Ubuntu 22.04 and followed the install guide per Tom’s video.

Here is a screen shot of my performance at idle. For comparison I have included XO’s performance chart as I had first wondering if there was a hardware issue (I’m running this on an old stock DL580 dual processor).

Here is the XOA Data:

When you stop the docker container does the CPU load go away?

Great question. The first tracing here is 1. Before, 2. Shutdown/Reboot of the Machine (the double spikes), 3. A shutdown of all dockers…note I got interrupted after the first few of them hence the big gap before it drops to almost zero. I ran HTOP as well prior to shutdown and it looked like the single biggest % CPU container was the SQL instance which alone looked like 20-30% CPU. Don’t know if that’s helpful or not.

Just one update, I ran a Docker Stats on this and interesting I see alternating containers going from 0 to 100%+ without any actual activity (in terms of user interaction) on the system.

The most notable were:


You could load Netdata and get even more details stats but if you are running an a really old CPU then the database will need much more CPU time to get things done.

Hi Tom and thank you for the reply! No question this is a hardware issue, I have just been trying to see how much I can get out of these old boxes that we have laying around. XCP has proved to be a blessing in that regard as ESXI support etc is now all EOL for these older processors.

Just to complete the note in case others find this helpful:

I tried changing Ubuntu to Debian and found that the underlying OS of Debian performed much better for some reason than Ubuntu. Installs were slow on either but it never hang and even basic tasks like terminal usage were markedly better.

From there I decided to install both Bit Warden and (at the risk of being a CAPS LOCK PERSON) Vault Warden too just to see if there was a difference.

In summary:

  1. Debian in all cases out performed Ubuntu in this ‘old processor/old architecture’ scenario
  2. Vault Warden was predictably much easier on the system than Bit Warden (note the Vault Warden had 1/2 the resources assigned that Bit Warden did).

THANK YOU AGAIN for all the great work you do with these videos and this forum.

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