Bitwarden Self Hosted, Database Backup, High Availability -- Thoughts?

I’m currently using Bitwarden_rs (in conjunction with docker) as my password manager application. Bitwarden_rs is run within an Ubuntu VM hosted on FreeNAS. Setup works well with an nginx web proxy in front of the application for SSL key management functions. My setup is only for home use which consists of 4 other users which store passwords within Bitwarden.

I’m thinking about ways to improve my setup and topics I’m interested in are
#1 - Recommendations automated database backup
#2 - High Availability Setup (since sometimes I find my VM didn’t start or possibly during a kernel upgrade something went haywire and I didn’t detect it for a few days)

In terms of Database – what backup scheme are people using? I’m currently bind mounting a directoy within the Ubuntu VM and then periodically use borg backup to duplicate the database to another server. I’m wondering if this is the best method as I could potentially see other ways of doing this.

High Availability - Since this is a home use case, I was thinking more along the lines of running a Docker Swarm based HA setup (rather than Kubernetes as is this possibly overkill?) however I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind on how best to “share” the database between the two-three clusters. People on reddit mentioned possibly using a GlusterFS based setup however I don’t have a lot of experience with this (CephFS would be an alternative). Am I making this more complicated that it needs to be? Is HA for self-hosted BW too much? Just wondering on what others have setup.