Bitwarden password tree structure

This is my first topic so bear with me a bit.
First, thank you for the great content sharing here and in the videos. It’s very instructing.

So we are a small IT service company in Belgium trying to streamline our MSP services and processes.

A part of this is standardization of documentation and, after various research (including watching your videos), I opted for Bitwarden as password manager.

  • My first question:Do you guys setup a admin account for each specific user that needs admin access (365, network devices, AD,…) to allow auditing and MFA or 2/3 generic Admin accounts that are shared?
  • As we have a mix (user specific and generic), what’s your tree structure in bitwarden ? Do you create a client folder and put everything in it or do you separate with sub-folders (O365/AD/Network/…) to allow granular rights for users (read&write/read/only copy)?

Subsidiary question 1: do you store bitlocker keys in clients folders also?
Subsidiary question 2: do you have, or any reader here, an integration of Bitwarden with RDM (Remote Desktop Manager) ? Does it inject pwds smoothly? Is it possible to change pwds

Thank you!!

For clients we have them grouped by device type, such as pfsense, Wordpress, etc… which keeps things simple. We use as a PAM solution for managing AD credentials and handling remote access to clients.