Bitwarden Follow Up Review & Security Audit July 2020

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This is so interesting having it self hosted. I dont know if I can get the family to a different password manager. I am glad that its a real viable alternative though.


Looking into this over Keeper, does BW audit the password fields so you can see which user changed what etc?

It can log the changes but does not keep the history of the old passwords.

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OK I liked that with Mediawiki. Where does one see these changes?

Event and audit logs are part of their enterprise features

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Items that are in shared collections save old passwords automatically. Their licencing is really confusing. Personally I pay for the family sharing, I do not pay for premium.

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Just a few followup points as Tom mentioned the rust version

The rust version runs as a docker image and has many of the enterprise features unlocked as a default. I’m aware the rust version pulls directly from the bitwarden source code, however I’m not too sure how often its updated compared to the official bitwarden code. It’s not also passed an security audits as I’m aware. The rust docker image however does receive very frequent updates as I’m using this as a test server. The rust image is maintained by one individual contributor – I’m hoping nothing happens to this contributor or he gets bored supporting this project.

I like Tom’s philosophy in trying to support the creators of bitwarden in that they actually need to “get paid” for producing a high quality product. I don’t think their fees in any sense of the word are outrageous.

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OK so if you self-host BitWarden you still need to subscribe to one of the packages such as Enterprise to get the features? Or are the features built into the Self-Hosted version?

The licence is still required for the self hosted.

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