Best way to do smb shares on promox?

So I have a proxmox server and what is the best way to do smb shares?

The problem is if i as an example virtualize truenas but I need to acces the storage (e.g. nextcloud) from an another vm how do I do it efficently?

Or if i install smb directly to proxmox or smb I don’t get the ease of a web control panel?

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure what you mean exactly ?

Do you want to give users access to the Proxmox GUI or file shares ?

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Oh, my bad.
I want to give people file access

You can just setup a headless Debian vm, install samba. Webmin is a good GUI tool when setting up Samba permissions, users etc.


Thanks for the fast reply!
I will do that :smiley:, or at least I install samba as you recommended!

If it were me I’d install cockpit instead of webmin.

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If it were me I’d install none of them… :wink:

If you only need a few simple shares for an application or a few individual users, it’s relatively easy to manage them via command line. So there’s no need to install Cockpit or webmin, just for that, imho.

From my notes:

apt install samba
adduser --no-create-home --disabled-password --disabled-login <username>
mkdir /opt/shares/<username>
chown <username> /opt/shares/<username>
smbpasswd -a <username>
nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

add the following lines to the end of the file:

comment = My Share
path = /opt/shares/<username>
force user = <username>
force group = <username>
writeable = yes
valid users = <username>
systemctl restart smbd.service

If you need more shares, just repeat the process.


Hey, thank you all! :smiley:
I think I will install samba as @bb77 said.