Best VoIP Service/SIP Trunk in 2020

I’ve been converting a lot of my residential customers over to VoIP. So far, I’ve been using Grandstream ATAs and Callcentric (since they need Voicemail, Call Waiting, etc. included).

I wanted to see what everyone though about vs Callcentric in 2020? I noticed the customer satisfaction ratings for have been dropping over the years.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on the best SIP trunk service for commercial use? I’ve been using Flowroute for years and their support has been great - they’ve even sent packet captures from their server side when I’ve needed to troubleshoot PBX issues. But I’m curious to see if anything better or comparable is out there.

We have been using VoipMS and they are great!

For me I start by looking who has a cloud server. With all the C19 stuff, all of my clients had to work form home, luckily they could just take their VOIP phones home and that was that. I’m using Voys.

No onsite equip for the client to pay off, no risk of equipment being stolen / caught in a fire. Simple plug and play & great support.

@LTS_Tom, do you sign your clients up for their own individual accounts with VoipMS, or do you use their reseller platform to set your own rates?

That depends on the client and if they are managing it or want us to.

What are the downsides of Voip.MS? Are there any?

So far the only downside I have really found is that it’s not free. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wonder if anybody has experience with a similar service in terms of features, price, reliability… But in Europe.
Because is only available in us and Canada unfortunately

Bandwidth or Twilio.

I just signed up with your referral code, so you get a little bit of “free” phone service. Thanks for all of your tutorials!

I’m going to have two main lines (DID’s). Should I establish two completely different accounts for this or just one?
Curious about which way is easier to manage/setup.

The reason I’m asking is specific to the “Main SIP/IAX Password” that is used on my phone.

I successfully got an inbound and outbound call on a DID that I purchased for testing.
I’m currently using suretel and Grandstream phones so I’ll port those numbers in later.

The only thing I need to do other than make and receive calls is call forward to my cell if I’m not at my office.

This may be so off the wall that it doesn’t even sound like a good question, sorry.
I’m rather sure I should have one account, but I just wanted to ask before I started porting.

Would I just use the sub account option to set that up?

I don’t think I understand the question. You can have all the line under one account which to me seems simple as that is how we do it. We use sub accounts for clients.

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OK, if you can have different clients all under one account, then one main account and subs would work for what I’m trying to do. I have two physical offices in different towns and different phone numbers for each.

Thanks for the reply and all of the tutorials etc.!