Best source for rugged first responder laptops?

Does anyone here with experience supporting Municipalities or City services know of a supplier for great reasonably priced “rugged” laptops? These are the types in Police cars, Fire Trucks, or other first responders vehicles. I have an immediate need for several of them for a customer and everything I’ve seen are very expensive. I expected them to be costly but at over 4k per unit? Wow.

I usually get the Panasonic FZ-G series from CDW. The units themselves are around $2-4K depending on the model. With the mounts and installation in the cards its probably around $5-6K for everything.

There are a few places that deal in refurbbed older Panasonic toughbooks series. Only probably I’ve run into with those is they usually don’t support windows 10 and are a PITA to get drivers for.


I did a quick look at Dell, and they have some in the $2000 to $2500, if it is for a service company like ambulance or police, you can probably get them on the GSA pricing schedule which will probably be cheaper.

If it is for a regular business, then they are going to need to “pony up” for the less mass market machines they are requesting.

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