Best router to throttle video streams?

I’ve searched netgate forums and google for anybody using pfsense to throttle streaming traffic and it doesn’t appear that either anybody is doing it or just not documented. Obviously per their documentation and forums I saw many tutorials on throttling in general off user or IP. I want to throttle streams to 2.5 or 3 mb but that’d be painful to download and browse at that speed. My friend says to get a meraki and they do a great job. Anybody have some experience with dealing with all the entitled people that feel like streaming is highest priority?

I set up a guest network with a UniFi UAP AC LR Wi-Fi on a VLAN managed by pfSense that limits bandwidth for upload and downloads for guests. I believe Tom’s detailed video on pfSense covers traffic shaping in pfSense.

You cant really do that with Pfsense as it has no layer 7. So try out untangle or UBNT edge router wich can limit speeds based on application

Thanks @chrismallia I was afraid that was the answer that I’d need a different platform. Thanks for the recommendations I’ll have to see if they’re willing for untangle annual fees as I’m undecided if I’m going to learn command line for ubnt as any advanced features with them requires getting dirty. Don’t have time to learn every platform so I’m disappointed pfsense doesn’t have such a critical business feature.