Best provider for Daas(Desktop as Service) for MSP

Hello everyone,
I am starting soon as an MSP in Canada. So, while planning this all, I had seen that there is some potential in selling Daas. So can anyone guide me regarding this, like which service provider to use and all.

Thanks in advance.

I am kind of partial because I worked there for six years, but I really like Amazon Workspaces. Also AWS has a program that allows MSPs to white label the service and sell it under your own brand name.

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Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are other options.

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Thanks will take a look at this for sure

Can we rebrand it ??

Rebrand Azure Virtual Desktop? I wouldn’t imagine so, but the desktop itself you can whatever you want with, like you would do with any Windows installation e.g. themes, backgrounds, bloatware etc.

Bradley Gross (MSP lawyer) would tell you not to bother rebranding. You want to make it clear to your clients that you are providing access to other peoples products, it’s not your product. That way, if Azure is down, you don’t get sued for the outage. (legal issues may be different in Canada) Legal issues aside, it’s easier to say “Azure servers are down, there is nothing we can do” than to have to explain “our servers are down, there is nothing we can do.”