Best Practice - ISCSI

We have Xen Orchestra and TrueNAS server connected via 10GB network.

On the Xen , we have setup a Server 2019 virtual machine , where the C: drives resides on the Xen server storage - this is fine as we have created a backup to the Truenas Server.

We need to add a D: drive using ISCSI, do we

  1. Create a SR on XEN using ISCSI to the Truenas ISCI target and create the D drive on this SR.

  2. Mapped the ISCSI drive directly within Server 2019,

The ISCSI target on the Truenas will be backed up to BackBaze for backups


The more ideal setup is to map the ISCSI drive directly within Server 2019. But not sure how you would back that up to Backblaze because iSCSI is a block device on TrueNAS. Better to have some type of file backup that can do incremental.

Thanks for the advice,

We currently use MSP360, so will use to backup the server.

We have some Datasets on the Truenas, this we will use BackBaze

Preferably, you would want to map the iscsi directly from the server 2019 vm.

However, the advantage of having a virtual hard disk via a xen mounted iscsi is that you can easily migrate to a different array in the future (doesn’t even have to be truenas or zfs).