Best place to buy RDP CAL (2016)

Back story:
I have a 2012R2 server running now, with user CALS for RDP but I just inherited a 2016 server that is less than 3 years old that I want to use.

With 2012R2 support ending soon, I knew I needed to either bandaid it for 4 more years with 2016, or go with a more permanent solution with 2022.

I’ve all but decided to go with 2016 and have another 4 years of updates.

Where is the best (legal) place to get 5 or 10 RDP user CALS for 2016 server? eBay looks sketchy, and Microsoft doesn’t appear to have a way to verify it’s a legit purchase. I want legal, but I’d like to save a few bucks if I could too.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The RDS CALs that you can purchase will depend on the type of Windows Server licensing. Do you know if it is licensed with OEM, retail, or VL? If it is VL then I would look at Open Value RDS user CALs which include SA. This will allow you to upgrade later to 2022 with the same licensing. I haven’t sold VL in a while since everything I deal with is in Azure or AWS, but finding an IT consult that uses a distributor such as Ingram Micro should be able to get you a fair deal and you’ll know it is legit.

Thanks, the 2016 server license is OEM.