Best managed switch (16port) for Home office

I just redid my networking cabinet in our media room. I’m running PFsense with two VLANS on separate ports (VLAN 10, 20). The two switches are Netgear 8 port managed. this cabinet is to WAN outbound to my ONT fiber.

In my upstairs office I got a D-link DSG1100 16port. It is absolutely horrible. The interface is so slow. i want to rip and replace. My goal was to use two jacks that the house has in the office. One for VLAN 10, the other VLAN20. So i didn’t have to share bandwidth in the office. Unfortuantely, the VLAN10 jack cabling is not for gig ethernet. I’m getting 10mb down to the media room. So now configuring the D-link to trunk vlan 10, 20 out port 16. And then modifiy the two switches in the media room so can get VLAN10 traffic over to the PFSense. I have a trunk port on the 8port VLAN20 switch on port 8, and Untagged VLAN10 at Port 3. Cabled over to the VLAN10 switch on Port 3 so vlan 10 traffic reaches that port on the router.

All of this to ask. What 16port managed switch should I replace the D-link with? I don’t need a zillion dollar switch.


I searched eBay and found me some retired layer 2 Cisco switches and they all work well. I have had them for 6 years now.

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Super hard to follow what you have written, however, if you are looking for a 16 port switch, they are not that many compared to say an 8 port. I have a Netgear GS116E, it has 16 ports, is silent and cheap. However it is a “Plus” and not a “Pro”, there are some minor differences but none that I couldn’t live with. The GUI is crappy, but you won’t need to look at it that frequently.

There are other solutions from Unifi which I’ve seen that I would consider, but you also need to run a controller. The only other type come from that I would consider, much better GUI and features but you need to pay a bit more.

I didn’t see POE mentioned, so this might be what you are looking for:

Note there are 2 versions of this switch, the old version is not what you want anymore. I think the difference is 10gbps (SFP+) or not. Also note that this is not multi-gig ports, they are gigabit. The SFP+ can be gigabit or 10 gigabit, and many of the 1gb modules will require that you manually set the speed down to 1gbps, auto-negotiation may not work. There is a good video and write up on this switch on the Server the Home site/youtube.

Another choice might be this, but I think the processor might be a little under powered:

At least it has POE+ up to 450 watts total power. I’m probably going to give up on my Cisco stuff and put this switch in at home in my lab, it covers a lot of bases. And the idle draw will be WAY less than my old 2960 switches.

There are books on the RouterOS that you can buy for $5 or $6 each on Kindle, and even certifications if you want to go that direction.