Best Full Disk Encryption

Does any one recommend a Full Disk Encryption software for Windows?
I’ve been looking into VeraCrypt and AxCrypt.
I prefer something open-source. I don’t mind paying for a license; just want something really good, trusted, and fast. I rely on speed, so that’s important, but need the PC fully encrypted.

Any suggestions?

What’s wrong with bitlocker? Works fine on our company computers. I don’t know about speed impact but by definition anything with good security requires some computation to decrypt even with the key.

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I second bitlocker. Don’t over complicate it.

Veracrypt. It’s a fork of Truecrypt, so it has been around for a long time, both Veracrypt and Truecrypt have been audited. Most importantly Veracrypt is cross platform.

Another thumbs up for Bitlocker if you machine supports it