Best disk layout for new truenas install

Hello. After reading through some articles I’m still a little confused on how to setup my new r720xd 24-bay truenas server. I’m planning to use the two rear flex bays for the OS, and the front 24 for data. I’m starting out with 6 x 1tb drives. I read where performance is better with more disks per vdev. I want to build this out over time, hence starting with 6 drives. Does it make sense to start with a 6 x 1tb vdev in z2, then later do another vdev of the same. Eventually do a third vdev (maybe second pool) with 12 x 1tb drives? Should I wait until I aquire all 24 drives and setup one large pool? Also are hot spares that important for each pool? I’m mainly using this setup for data storage and backups, not live database hosting or vm’s. I would like to be able to withstand a couple drives dying at once. Any advice would be appreciated.

Even though you are running Z2 I would have 2 hot spares. It’s always been a best practice that I’ve followed.

Also, I would create your initial vdev and just grow it as you get your drives added to the pool.

Thanks Fred. I was reading this article and it seems like expanding by one disk is now possible but there are some caveats.,about%20this%20on%20Ars%20Technica

So I’m thinking I’ll just start with a 6 disk vdev then add another as I acquire the drives.

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