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Our agency has been using Symantec Small Business Edition Endpoint Protection for a few years now. However, since Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec, there have been some concerns and issues renewing our subscription. The web portal to renew the subscription brings you to a 404 page for Broadcom. Broadcom hasn’t answered us at all even after notifying them of the issue, and we are nearing the end of our subscription. We are a local government agency with about 30 Windows 10 based clients that need protection. I am looking for suggestions on a cloud-hosted anti-virus service that works well and will be as reliable as Symantec was when it was actually Symantec…

I know there are a number of services out there, but I am looking for some real-life experience with those services and how the services compare to what I am used to with SEP.


We are using and sell Sentinel One, seems to work well.

Thanks Tom, I just took a quick look. Am I about right with the price point being something along the lines of $45 a year per device? Looks like they want you to contact sales for a quote, but I am looking for a rough number.

We were in a similar solution, Symantec / Broadcom turned into a dumpster fire with licensing renewal and CS. In fact they still have us licensed incorrectly and we cannot get a refund. We moved to Sophos in February. So far so good. We’ll give them the rest of the contract year and re-evaluate.

I would say $60 per device per year would be in the ball park, but you do have to talk to their sales

I would check out Trend Micro. I resell it to all my customers and it is cloud hosted so no on premise server to manage.

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Yup, and I am sure Trend Micro has these issues fixed now seeing as they were the cause of the breach.

I don’t believe that Trend Micro was the only cause of the breach. The fact that any security product would be the sole reason a company is hacked would lead me to believe they have a poor network design and security practices as well. This could be a good example of having too much confidence in a single product which is why it is important to understand the whole picture. Many people will install a piece of security software thinking “ok, now I am protected”.

As for Trend Micro having vulnerabilities, this is not surprising. All software has vulnerabilities and the vast majority of them are discovered because they are used in the wild. AV is a reactive solution by nature. Signatures aren’t developed until something is discovered that needs to be blocked.

I don’t see TM in a completely poor light because of this because I know it will be a matter of time before it is another product, especially if they have a large market share.

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I thought this might be a good guide to start with as well. I use CrowdStrike mostly for server deployments and it works great. I manage it via their cloud hosted platform.

We use trend micro as well, their email security product is pretty good , so look into that bundle of you don’t have one already.

Being local government maybe look at government office 365 plans with ATP.

I can recommend bitdefender too.

@FredFerrell , can I ask why you decided to use a different AV for servers? (My thoughts is why another dashboard and product to learn and monitor)

I recommend Trend Micro (Worry Free Advanced) for smaller customers since it is cheaper, but for my large environments I deploy CrowdStrike. My large environments are mostly systems in the data center or public clouds.

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