Best Buy Faces Alabama Jury Trial Over Geek Squad's Unexplained Data Breach

I just posted this to my blog. Basically, the Geek Squad somehow managed to copy a woman’s files from her computer to someone else’s machine, although I’m not clear exactly how that happened. It turned out the other machine belonged to the family member of a local police captain, who informed the woman of this “data breach.” She sued Best Buy. Hilarity ensues.

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Why any professional would engage the Geek Squad for IT services is unfathomable to me. I have heard so many horror stories about the quality of service. These folks are grossly underpaid and have to meet catch 22 style metrics. Yup, you get what you pay for, a hard lesson learned the hard way.

According to the judge’s ruling, the plaintiff “had never before used its Geek Squad’s computer services. Her knowledge of Best Buy’s computer sales and services came exclusively from general advertisements.”

Precisely why one should search multiple sources when vetting, advertising is not one of them.

The human element is sort of key since that is what you deal with when buying a service. So naturally it varies from store to store. I used to work at geeksquad a long long time ago (black golf shirt era), and honestly we had a great team.

I can see a tech backing up data to a hard drive used for many many backups, and two desktops sharing the same profile name (Admin / User / Blah)… So I’m sure an innocent accident that could’ve been prevented.

For what they do I believe they’re paid corectly. General PC repair and sales… $18/hr is about right (the going rate when I worked there).

There’s been geeksquad employees who have done far, far, far worse and intentionally, than this. Try putting a cellphone in a bathroom to record a minor taking a shower. Or how about installing malware that tells users their computer is malfunctioning, and somehow steam would solve the issue (again with showers). Or auctioning off recycled hard drives without having ever wiped them (Florida).

Again if in a professional business find IT professionals who know what they know and don’t know and expect to pay professional fees. I have helped others in IT service their clients when they were out of their knowledge zone.