Best backup option


I’m having some issues with my xcp-ng backup jobs failing, mostly seeing the “job already running” error. I suspect the jobs can’t finish and I’m probably limited by iops on the drives. I’d like to hear some opinions on what the best backup strategy would be for my situation. I really only need one copy of my vm’s. There’s a lot of configuration on a few that I haven’t automated yet and it would be a pain if I had to set back up manually. I have two r710’s, and I use the second as a standby. I do use the secondary to do live migrations when there are patches that require reboot. I usually just migrate them to the secondary, patch and reboot primary, then migrate them back. I think I’d be ok either doing a full backup of all my vm’s say once per month to the secondary, and only keep one copy as storage is limited. Although, I’m still unclear what the difference is between a DR backup and Full. Does it make sense to do a DR backup once per month to the secondary? WIll that work if say the primary dies? Would appreciate any suggestions.

Here is my 2020 video on the topic

Thanks Tom. Based on the info in you video I think the DR backup or Full would work fine for me. I have an nfs share on my nas that I can store them on, and can also keep a copy on the secondary host, so I’ll just rotate where it writes to monthly. Thanks for the response.

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