Best approach to setting up segment network for TV, other iOT device and computers

Hello- I recently purchase a USG, 5 port managed switch and AP - all Unifi devices. I don’t have a complicated setup. A few computers, printer, Amazon echo devices and 1 smart tv. I think I could managed setting up the vlans to separate my computers from the iOT devices, after watching some of the videos - A big thank you to Lawrence for making them available, much appreciated!

At the moment, all the computers and Amazon echo devices are connect via Wifi (AP is configured on Vlan 10 and connected to switch), and TV is hardwired to the switch, configured on VLAN 20. However, I wanted to move out Amazon devices out of the VLAN 10 and possibly to a different Vlan, could this be done and how?


I have a few videos on UniFi VLAN setup such as this one

Just what I needed- thanks, Tom!

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