Beginner trying to decide on software/hardware for file sharing

Hi to all, my first post after lurking for a while.
I am looking for an advice that would point me in the right direction to set up file handling system for my small business.
I have a small business with central office and multiple remote retail locations.
I am trying to decide on a solution that would take care of handling files that are generated in retail locations to central office.
Specifically the documentation that is related to sales, so when a sales person scans in the store ppw that is uploaded to a center server or cloud where it would be accessible to main office for further processing; to its specific folders per location, date etc. .
I was looking at the nextcloud and as it seems that could be achieved with it but on the other hand i am not good with scripting and from what i have seen that is needed to accomplish what i need.

It comes down to what you are willing to maintain. Tools like Nextcloud and Syncthing are good but self hosting them means more configuration and more time will be dedicated to keeping the up to date and secure. Commercially available options such as DropBox do have monthly costs, but so does your time spent on those other system.

Thank you Tom for your time to respond. Following you already for years on Youtube and i hope you know how many lives you influence all around the world with your content.
Wish you all the best and thank you for your time once again!
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