Beelink SER8 won't boot the XCP-NG flash

Did you have to change the bios settings on your box to get it to work? I get a bug panic in some piece of io code. Maybe I need to shutoff secure boot or some such?


I do have secure boot turned off when I do the install. I am also using the 8.3 version of XCP-ng.

I’ve tried a few things and no luck. Perhaps you are running different firmware I have the one that says may 24 build date. I reflashed the bios with the latest from the beelink site to see if that would fix it. supposedly the work around for this (disable iommu) isn’t available in the Beelink bios… I’ll keep trying things but I think I will need a better bios or xcp-ng.

Worth noting that the system boots but takes about 30-40 seconds before the XCP-NG dashboard shows up.