Bank and Google Authenticator notifications do not pop up when connected home network

When my phone is connected to my home network, no banking or google authenticator push notifications come up on my phone. When I switch over to 4G they do come through.

This must mean that my pFsense firewall rules are blocking something. Looking at the logs however I cannot seem to find what might be blocking these.

Does anyone know what ports etc I need to enable to ensure that these come through?

What are your rules ?

If you are running plfblocker try turning that off so see if it starts working.

What are your outbound rules, are you locking down outbound traffic

OPT1 not used at present

I am not using pfblocker

I can’t see anything immediately wrong, if you move that last rule to the first position, does it fail also.

The only other thing I can think of is that phones use IPv6 as well, that might be having an effect.

I would enable DNS over TLS, instead of blocking it

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That was it; I enabled DNS over TLS and it worked. Not sure why I could not see it blocking in the logs - must have been looking for the wrong thing.