Bandwidth monitoring with alerts?

Im brainstorming a setup for a buddy of mine who needs to meet a UL requirement along the lines “if bandwidth utilization exceeds 80 percent averaged over 15 minutes that a visual and audible alarm must go off”

The current firewall is a USG pro, possibly that data is exposed over API and this could be handled by zabbix. If that is not the case do any firewalls have a feature like this built in with the ability to send out an alert when exceeded?

Assuming I went the zabbix route I can make a script that cycles a USB relay and that relay would than trigger a notification device.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Look up “unifi-poller”, it pulls Unifi data into Grafana. I’m sure you can do something with that.

If you are using Zabbix you should be able to just use SNMP to monitor the interface, and create a trigger for when utilization exceeds 80 over 15 minutes. You should be able to tie Play Sound to Trigger Severity, and could also have it send SMS if you wanted to.