Backup storage options?

I’m choosing between Wasabi and Backblaze to store MSP360 backups. What are everyone’s recommendations?

I’ve only used Backblaze with freenas and I was happy with it. I went away from automatic online backups, but I never had a problem with Backblaze when I used them.

I use another backup solution now, that isn’t something that would work for most people’s needs, but fits my needs well. For my needs, I do offline backups now, and keep them off site. Nothing more secure than that I’m my opinion.

Given the two choices go with Backblaze.

IDrive now offers S3 backups that support MSP360:

I moved from their regular offering with their client to E2 last year with my Synolgoy and Hyper Backup and it’s been working well. Pricing is good and they have many regions that you can select from.

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What if not limited to those 2 choices?

What would your other choices be? Backblaze has been a rock solid vendor with superior pricing that fits the SMB market. I cannot speak to either Wasabi or IDrive e2 as I have zero experience with them.

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Thanks. I was responding to @g-aitc.

It looks like Synology is offering S3 compatible storage called C2 Object Storage.
It looks interesting.

Haven’t tried Backblaze (making a note to test them out), but I’ve been pretty happy with Wasabi. Granted, I’m not using it for MSP360 (haven’t used that since it was Cloudberry). Their Cloud NAS product is pretty interesting, but I’ve mostly used their hot cloud offering for backups.

Checking IDrive now. Thanks.

I’ve used both BackBlaze and Wasabi with MSP360 and with other services too.
In my experience both are great but Wasabi performed better and does not have any data egress fees.
On the downside, I only ever had to use Wasabi once in a critical situation and the one time I needed them most, they let me down.
There was a degradation of some of the drives holding my data, that did not present as a failure in their alerting. This was eventually fixed but delayed my restore of critical services by 2 days.
What I did like though is that when I complained they took it seriously, investigated what happened and why, and as a result they changed their alerting to count this particular issue as an alert prompting remedial action from now on so it should never happen again.
As a result I decided to stay with Wasabi.

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Thanks Sc0ttJM.
I think I’ll go with Backblaze. Egress fees aren’t a big deal. How often do we do restores anyway?
The consensus on the web is that Wasabi has a lot of hidden fees. Synology looks ok but seems to be missing options like object locking.

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