Backup Solution as MSP


I am looking for a new backup solution for us as an MSP, which above all does not break the budget. Currently we use Comet backup in conjunction with B2.
Unfortunately, we have problems with Comet every now and then, which is rather unpleasant for backups.
What we are currently backing up:

  • 2 x MSSQL Server
  • 1 x Hyper-V Server
  • 8 x Linux Server (Files & Folders)
  • 1 x Linux Bare Metal Image
  • 1 x Windows Bare Metal Image
  • 1 x M365 Tenant
  • 2 x Synology NAS

Storage: 2 TB

These servers are located all over Germany at many different customers.

For this we pay with storage about $ 170 per month. It should not be more expensive in any case. We have now asked Acronis and N-Able Backup, but have not received an answer yet.
What else can you recommend?

We are currently using MSP360 with Backblaze, they work well.


I’m in the process of reviewing msp360 myself.

So far the core functionality seems great. Backups and restores have worked nicely so far during testing.

While I’m waiting for a response from the msp360 team, does anyone happen to know if when backing up a hyper-v server, you have the option to restore the vms in the cloud (ie azure or aws), that you could then boot from? I’m thinking of DR scenarios. Say the hyperv server suffers a hardware failure… would like to have the option to boot the vms somewhere in the cloud for emergency access.

Also recommend MSP360, been using them for 5+ years and currently have around 50 servers, with the File / Image backup license covering them. Have data between S3 and B2 totaling to about 80TB. Support has been responsive to figuring out errors and releasing fixes when necessary.

Tom, do you use the immutability object locking features for your MSP360 backups?

We use asigra backup and it’s very focus on cyber security. There’ isn’t any agent running in endpoint, just a single Asigra client per site. There are also very affordable

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