Backup Service Markups

Good afternoon all!

I was wondering if anyone is available to exchange some ideas on Backup Services Markup on costs. I’m not in the US or either EU, so no competition implied. lol.

@Tom, tks for all the previous insights you gave on my questions here at the forum. We could arrange something on the lines you are very clear on your videos on “consulting” if you have the time.



It might vary a bit by markets but it has to be quite a bit if you are taking on the responsibility if insuring that the clients backups are working. If you are just loading some software and hoping it’s working then that would be just some markup of a product.


Tks @LTS_Tom !!!

I’ll be using N-Able Backup (SolarWinds) with local and cloud backup and a periodical 3-month recovery test. I can maybe upsell 2 times a month VM recovery with screenshots for a bit more.

That’s my roadmap for this client. We are making him as a shopping window for their kind of business. (Law Firms).

Note: We already provide them with RMM and Helpdesk.

PS: We currently work with brazilian customers and may, next year or 2023, work with canadians.

Thanks again!


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Ideally you would move towards being a Managed Service Provider. Then you would be responsible for the whole network including backups and you could make sure it all fit together.