BackUp NAS devices with one computer with Syncthing

Hardware setup:

  • one computer
  • two NAS devices (apps can NOT be installed on them, they are just NAS)
    Is there a way to backup NAS devices - to sync from one NAS to another using just ONE computer?
    Any special hack?

This is not the way Syncthing was designed to work so not really.

yes I have the same problem of devices not supporting syncthing.
I did have a thought of setting up a vm acting as a server with network shares and using that as a way of backing up.

however it’s still on my to do list

Using something like rsync would be a better option.

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A VM is good option. Of course it adds a lot of additional complexity and additional maintenance, additional resources, … but that is an option to consider.
First solve: how to start VM at boot of windows OS host?

Yes the problem I want to solve is having an automatic backup of my laptop saving to my NAS which doesn’t support syncthing … still working on this however so the reality might be quite different. Both QNAP and OpenMediaVault removed support for syncthing for some reason.
My vm is running on a Proxmox box so it’s always running so I’ll eventually get round to it.