Backup data and replication

Hi Team,

I do have a question, but some back ground first.

My backup appliance is a QNAP TS-873U with the Nakivo App installed on it. Nakivo connects to vcenter and does a nightly scheduled full synthetic backup to the QNAP’s internal disks - all good there. I also created another Nakivo job, called a “Backup Copy” job - essentially, it sync’s and keeps an exact copy of the source files/data on another storage area. This "other " storage area is a NFS share on a TrueNAS Scale server that is mounted on the QNAP device. So my data is recoverable via Nakivo from either the onboard repository or the mounted NFS share and thought it might be a good idea to replicate the “copied data” on TrueNAS to another TrueNAS server.

Since this data only changes once a day, is replication a good way forward? I don’t use any snapshots and I guess the same question applies considering the data doesn’t change frequently. Replication will become efficient I guess once the initial seed is done and it only replicates the changes, but I see that the wizard automatically created a snapshot job also.

I’ve watched a bunch of the vid’s and also read the doco regarding replication tasks, syncs etc, but can’t help think the use case is more around live data rather than objects created by backup software like Nakivo or Veeam. I’m also reviewing BackBlaze and have run a test cloud sync which works fine, but the I have to consider data sprawl (26TB and groing).