Backing up Unifi COntroller - Debian - CLI

Hi all

does one know of a way to back up a Unifi Controller running on Debian through Command line?

I’ve got a failed controller, though it looks like the web part has failed! Power outage here which has caused the VM to fail. For some reason, the Controller wasn’t part of my XCP-NG back up.

If I can back it up through CLI I can then import that into a new VM.


OK never mind, I actually found a recent UNF file that Id pulled off via SCP - Restored and I think we are working again!

Switches are reporting back, just waiting for APs

By default, UniFi with autobackup turned on goes to /var/lib/unifi/backup/autobackup/ on a debian based install. We have an hourly rsycn job that copy’s the files to another server.

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Got it Thanks TOm - Im doing rsync command now!

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